Security Surveys Bath

At G Locks, we offer security surveys that will prevent intruders from entering and will improve the overall security of your property.

Our experienced locksmiths will carry out a detailed assessment of your doors, locks and windows. We will suggest recommendations to improve the security of your property and to help deter thieves.

If you are a business owner, you will want to keep your property safe when you are not in your property.

Our team of expert locksmiths will review your security systems, replace old/faulty locks or add new locks.

Invest in high-security cylinder locks

After we have conducted our free security survey with no obligation, we will look at ways to make your property more secure. To improve the security of your property, we always recommend that you replace your property’s locks with a British Standard stamped cylinder lock. This is one of the strongest locks on the market, and intruders will not be able to drill, pick or snap your lock to gain entry to your home or business.

We can provide a registered key system which gives you the property owner complete control as no-one will be able to obtain a key without your permission. If requested, our company also provides locks that comply with fire regulations.